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Spices are healthy and fight inflammation and reduce damage to human body's cells. Spices not only add flavor & taste for food but would boost of antioxidants. Different types of spices provided under the brand Way2Foods included: chilli, pepper, turmeric, jeera, ginger, cloves, nutmeg etc. Branded spices combo packs has also been introduced to facilitate the customers with easy sourcing of convenient economy packs of a standard size with relevant items. Major supply regions for different spices are as follows: a) chilli - Guntur and Byadegi, b) pepper – Madikeri, Hassan & Cochin, c) turmeric – Sangli, Nizamabad, Edore & Mysore, d) jeera – Unja, e) ginger – Hassan & Cochin etc.


Major primary trading centres for spices are located in different producing regions for different spices. Bengaluru, Cochin, Mumbai, Chennai and Mangaluru are the major terminal markets for different spices. Spices prices are linked with supply, demand, consumption trend, substitutes availability, quality of the produce etc. or Way2Foods supplies spices to households, HORECA segment, other users/ buyers besides institutions with other groceries, vegetables and food products. "Spices Combo" covers good quality pepper, dry ginger, cumin, cinnamon & cloves, garlic, turmeric, Jeshtamadhu and Hippali 250 gms each & also Jaggery powder 1.5 kgs. Its net weight will be 3.25 Kgs.