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Millets, those were integral part of Indian diet in olden days and those lost their way until recent past, are again back as a healthy superfood for all those who are health conscious. Millets, which are packed with nutrition, have more protein than rice and is rich in vitamins A and B, fibre, iron, phosphorus, magnesium and manganese. Market for millets expanding during recent years in the form of rice for cocking, flour for preparing food items like roti and also in the value added forms like millets biscuits. Different types of millets available in the market are: Barnyard (oodhalu), Brown top (korale), Foxtail (navane), Kodo (haraka), Little (same), Pearl (sajje) and Proso (baragu) etc.


All these millets will be available in the form of so called rice i.e., ready for preparation of rice from the selected millet. Pearl millet and ragi will be available in the flour or powder form as these will be mainly consumed in the powder form. Millets being mainly supplied from districts such as Chithradurga, Davanagere, Tumkur, Hassan etc. Millets being supplied from several farmers co-operatives across India including Karnataka besides directly from individual farmers after milling. With increase in millets prices, farmers also finding millets are remunerative crops. Millets prices are linked with supply and also demand. or Way2Foods supplies millets to households, HORECA segment, other users/ buyers besides institutions with other groceries, vegetables and food products. Branded Way2Foods Millets Combo packs has also been introduced under Way2Foods to facilitate the customers with easy sourcing of convenient economy packs of a standard size with relevant items. “Millets Combo” included barnyard (oodhalu), brown top (korale), foxtail (navane), kodo (haraka), little (same), pearl (sajje) and proso (baragu) 500 grams each. Net weight is 3.6 Kgs.