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Jaggery is a traditional whole sugar, which is not refined, but it is still pure and wholesome. Sugarcane, the core input for jaggery preparation, being cultivated mainly in Belagavi, Bagalkot, Mandya, Bidar, Ballari and Vijayapura districts. Jaggery making units and also trading is concentrated in these districts with major terminal market being Bengaluru. Jaggery prices and supply connected with sugarcane production and conversion into Jaggery. or Way2Foods supplies jaggery to households, HORECA segment, other users/ buyers besides institutions with other groceries, vegetables and food products. “Jaggery Combo” included different variants of good quality jaggery such as acchu, bucket and powder 1 kg each and Stevia powder 50 gm. The combo pack net weight will be 3 Kgs.


Jaggery or Gur is a coarse, unrefined sugar made by evaporating the syrup or juice of sugarcane. Demand for both organic jaggery and also mere black jaggery is gathering movement with the consumers in recent years. Major types of jaggery consumption included, acchu, bucket & powder. Branded Jaggery combo packs has also been introduced to facilitate the customers with easy sourcing of convenient economy packs of a standard size with relevant items. Though Jaggery is a natural sweetener and good for health with presence of all essential vitamins and minerals compared with sugar, a host of chemicals and adulterants go into it in several jaggery-making units and impacting on jaggery quality. Use of vegetable clarificants has been advised as alternative to chemical. Therefore, jaggery processing method adopted by the jaggery making unit will be important factor to be considered by the consumers.