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Dry fruits are a good source of various nutrients and contain a lot of medical properties. Different types of dry fruits such as badam, kaju, pista, raisins and fig are commonly available and proven to be a superfood. Almond (Badam), the king of dry fruits, is a powerhouse of essential fatty acids, fibre and protein besides a natural source of vitamin E & zinc. Badam is known to treat heart diseases, blood sugar levels, and weight management. Cashew nut – Kaju can improve overall health with weight loss, heart health and blood sugar level. Mangalore is one of the key source for cashew nut. Pistachios - Pista is good for heart, treat diabetes, improve hemoglobin and it is a rich source for minerals, vitamins, and phytonutrients.

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Raisins – Kismis is source of sugars, fat, protein, dietary fiber, various vitamins, and minerals. Raisins mainly arrive from Bijapur to Bengaluru. Figs – Anjur is good for problems related to the reproductive and respiratory system and excellent source of dietary fiber, potassium, iron and calcium. Different dry fruits and nuts being offered under the brand Way2Foods included: cashew nut, almond, fig, raisin, pista etc. or Way2Foods supplies dry fruits and nut to households, HORECA segment, other users/ buyers besides institutions with other groceries, vegetables and food products. Branded dry fruits/ nuts combo packs has also been introduced to facilitate the customers with easy sourcing of convenient economy packs of a standard size with relevant items. “Nuts Combo” covers Almond 500 grams, Cashew nut 500 grams, Raisins 500 grams and Dry Fig (Dry Anjoor) 250 grams and Pista 250 grams. The combo pack net weight will be 2 Kgs.